Introducing Opt@mail, the fully integrated direct mail system that maximizes the impact of your marketing campaign with increased visibility for amplified results.

Mail Tracking

Opt@Mail Mail Tracking offers state-of-the-art features that normally cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. The best part is that it’s included at no additional charge.

Here are some of the features of Enhanced Mail Tracking:
  • Track mail right down to the individual addressee
  • Fully integrated with informed visibility and displayed graphically with Google Maps
  • Exportable reporting by city, state and zip code
  • Want to know if a certain individual received their direct mail piece? Search by name!
  • Retrieve a full report of non-scans
  • Offers secure, end-user access to essential postal delivery data
  • Measurability of your direct mail delivery rates
  • Confirmation of in-home delivery dates
  • All reports and details conveniently accessible from your user dashboard at any time

Informed Delivery®

Imagine receiving an email every morning with digital previews of your mail scheduled to arrive to your home or office that day. This is now possible thanks to Informed Delivery.

This new USPS feature allows you to view grayscale images of the mail pieces you’re soon to receive – and you can access everything from one convenient location.

This service is wildly popular.
  • Average email open rate – 70%
  • Over 10 Million people signed up for Informed Delivery
  • Allows you to put your mailing piece both in the digital world and physical world simultaneously.
With Informed Delivery integration, you’ll be able to
  • Add a full color ad next to the grayscale preview
  • Include interactive content
  • Implement a link to your advertised website

When someone clicks on the link to your website, they’ll receive a cookie on their browser and on their social media profiles. Our Online Follow-Up and Social Media Follow-Up features will immediately start working for this user. They'll see ads attracting them to your website – all over Face- book, Instagram and the Google Network.

Call Tracking

With Call Tracking, you can know exactly who calls as a result of your direct mail campaign!

Enhanced call tracking now offers full demographic data on each caller:
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Device/Carrier/Length of Time with Carrier
  • Gender & Age
  • Business or Residential Number
All of this information is available to you via your dashboard, which also provides
  • Visually stunning display isolating each caller on Google Maps
  • Downloadable reports on all calls and caller demographics
  • Secure client access to incoming calls and recordings
  • You will have all the information you need to further target or market to your audience, and follow-up with relevant information.

Online Follow-Up

Did you know... that 96% of website visitors leave a website without taking any action? Have you ever visited a website and then started seeing banner ads with that company’s name on other websites you visit?

Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

With retargeting, the percentage of users who return and complete the conversion process increases to 26%.

If a prospect leaves your website without taking action, your ads will show up throughout the Google Display Network, directing them back to your website.

This allows you to stay in touch, and stay top of mind for when that purchase or call happens. No leads left behind!

Social Media Follow-Up

Social Media Follow-Up has been integrated into Opt@Mail to offer you the opportunity to not only follow a user across the Google Display Network, but also through Facebook and Instagram’s ad network

Did you know... that Facebook & Instagram have over 3 billion active users every month?

The average person spends 2 to 3 hours PER DAY on Facebook and 53 minutes per day scrolling through Instagram.

Being constantly present in a person’s online experience is the key to success with online marketing. Social Media Follow-Up through Opt@Mail allows you to do just that.


Match your mailing list with your target audience’s Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Not only will your target market receive your mailing, but they will be delivered the SAME message on their social feeds, even before they visit your website online, giving you increased exposure. You can think of it as a warm-up to your direct mail campaign.

80% of sales are made between the 8th and the 12th contact. Social Match allows you to reach interested prospects at yet another activation point.

SocialMatch helps to:
  • Maximize the use of your mailing list
  • Help the people on your mailing list familiarize themselves with your brand before the mail hits.
  • Generate thousands of additional social impressions when you show your audience online ads, even without the need of them visiting your website first!


You never knew who came to your website from your mailing... until now.

Opt@Mail is bringing you an advanced measurement solution system able to track and record exactly WHO visited your website as a result of your mailing, regardless of whether or not they took an action. In addition, LEADMatch gives you the opportunity to mail to website visitors who came not as a result of your mailing.

How LEADMatch Works:
  • One pixel to measure all! Our pixel enables data collection and delivery of postal addresses when placed on a webpage.
With LEADMatch, you can
  • Get a list of who came to your website from the mailing list and what actions they took.
  • Mail to unique visitors who came to your website who weren’t on your mailing list.
  • Never guess again how effective your direct mail campaign was.
  • You’ll have access to a dashboard that lists each match, their info and their actions on your website.